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          Head Teacher,  T. Vijayalakshmi

History of the CNN School

 The first school in peruvanam, the ancient most village founded by the legendary parasurama.  The school was started by the ‘Aaram Thampuran’ of the Chittoor mana, Brahmashri Chittoor Narayanan Namboodiripadu. The School got its name from the founder. The school was begun on 16, June 1916. In the beginning there were classes only up to sixth standard. It was a mixed school. It was in 1920, high school was started. The first headmaster of CNN School was Shri V.P. Narayana  Ayyer. In 1961, CNN School was bifurcated into two; CNN boys’ school and CNN girls’ school. During bifurcation the headmaster was Shri. C.P. Govindan Nair. He continued as the headmaster of CNN boys’ high school. In 1986, Sanjeevani Samithi, a charitable trust took over the management of the school from the Chittoor Mana.

In old days students even from far off places like pudukkad used to come to study in the school. CNN has produced many eminent personalities in different fields of life. 

Now there are 1070 students in the school. Strength of the staff is 40.

There 25 divisions, 12 divisions in UP and 13 divisions in HS. There is a well equipped I.T lab, Science lab and well Stocked library. A well-ground garden and a hostel garden are there.

Clubs: Science, SS, Health, Maths, English, Hindi, Eco, Balajana Sakhyam

The present strength of the school is 1070. There are standards from V to X. The strength of UP section is 520 and that of HS section is 550. There is one English medium division is every standard. 262 students were studying in English medium. The strength of ST students is 237 and Arabic is 59. True were 166 scheduled caste students and 3 ST students. The staff strength is 40. Teaching staff 35 and Non-teaching 5. The strength of HS teaching staff is 21 and UP strength is 13.  


 CNN Boys' High School, Cherpu