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History of the School

The legendary hero of Peruvanam Gramam, Brahmasree Chittur Narayanan Namboothiripadu, hails from an aristocratic orthodox Brahmin family – Chittur Mana, was considerd as an authority in Vedas. Veda is nothing but an eternal knowledge. He had a dream in his mind and soul- an enlighted and educated society in Peruvanam not only in Sanskrit but also in alien language, english. The long cherished dream came in true in 1916 as the established CNN School, in other words he consecrated “DEVI SARASWATHY “ in this temple.

On 16th June 1916 under the nourishment of Sri Kuruppathu Krishna Menon and his enriched faculties – P. K . Ramakrishnayyar, M. Chamu Menon, T. Sankara Warrier, P.A. Parameswarayyar, and M. Krishna Menon this School was established. In the begnning there were only 6 standards and 150 students.

The Industrial, Agrarial and educational exhibition conducted in the very beginning of the school which was inagurated by the Diwan of that time, Sri Bhor – was noteworthy and it revealed the intimacy of education and society and also the social commitment of school management.

Since then school has been in the path of progress 7th standard started in 1917 and high school section in the next year. After a couple of years the students could write their matriculation.

The record of the largest service twenty years, as HM of Pandit P. Govindan Nair, continuous, unbreakable and intact. This veteran with his devotion and dedication of work still considered as an iron pillar of this Vidyalaya.

Because of the excess students our school parted in to Girls High School headed by Smt. K. Kamalamma and Boys High School headed by C.P. Govindan Nair in 1945 and we started our LP section in 1961.

The year 1985 was the turning point of our school for the trust Sanjeevani Samithi which has a clear vision of education undertook the management of CNN Schools.

Our K G section ( Sree sankara Sisu Vidya Mandiram ) started in 1986, HSS in 2001 and TTI in 2003.

We bagged several achivements .This institution gave birth to many celebrities. Now it plays a significant role in shaping the future personality of children and it becomes the pious place of learning. We are successfully bringing out educated youth fully confident in their talents with out any inhibition for each other.

Our school is a centre for learning good habits at a tender age which has an everlasting impact. Our school has a highly qualified and devoted team of teachers headed by a veteran Headmistress “And it is sure that we are in the path of Glorious Voyage to Future”.

Recent Achivements

Sri. C.G Narayanankutty Master of our school got the state Award for Best Teacher in the yaer 2001.

In S.S.L.C Examination our school has got 100% result for the last two years.

We are the winners of Arabic Kalotsavam in Sub –District Youth festival for the last 4 years. Our students Sreelakshmy. K won the A Grade in Sanskrit Aksharaslokam in State Youth Festival during the year 2005- 06 Sreedevi. K.N won the B Grade in Sanskrit speech competition in State Youth Festival during the year 2005 -06

Four of our students passed Rajya Puraskar examination last year.

Teachers Name & Phone Number

1( HM SS) SUNITHABAI. K --- 2344763

2 (H SA , SS ) RAJAN.P. PARAMEL --- 9447512733

3 (H SA , Phy.Sc) SAJI. N.P --- 9447994056

4 (H SA, SS ) GIRIJAMANY.P.S --- 2792140

5 (H SA, Maths) RASHMI. N.D --- 2343475

6 (H SA. NS ) RADHIKA MENON .C --- 9446477855

7 (H SA , Phy.Sc) RAJANI. P.M --- 2790514

8 (H SA, Maths) INDIRADEVI. S --- 9446619699

9 (H SA. NS) BINDU. K.V --- 2895704

10 (H SA, Maths) NIMI. U --- 2806371

11 (H SA Eng) HITHA CHANDRAN. P--- 2850215

12 (H SA Eng) REMYA. K.R --- 2878611

13 (H SA Skt ) C.LAKSHMIDEVI --- 2343933

14 (H SA Arabic Tr) V.M. ABDULRAHIMAN--- 2396573

15 (H SA Mal Tr) VANITHARANI.T. --- 2216150

16 (H SA Mal Tr) DHANYA.P.B. --- 2324654

17 (H SA HINDI Tr) DEEPA. K.R --- 2659979

18 (H SA HINDI Tr) SUNIL. S --- 94473198239

19 (PhY.Edu. Tr) K. RAJESWARY--- 2448008

20 (MUSIC. Tr) A.R. PRASAD--- 9446147012

21 (UPSA) M.K. PRASAD --- 9847678234

22 (UPSA) VIDHYA. V.V. --- 2202708

23 (UPSA) SHALY..K.V. --- 2397912

24 (UPSA) RESMI.P.R --- 2836085

25 (UPSA) MAYADEVI PADATH --- 9447194119

26 (UPSA) VIJI.K.M --- 9446336755

27 (UPSA) VALSALAKUMARY.K.R--- 2356073

28 (UPSA) JOTHUKRISHNAN.G.--- 0474- 2416086

29 (UPSA) CHIKKULAKSHMY .C.V--- 9446442167

30 (UPSA) SEENA .A.V --- 2886128

31 (Jr. Hindi) SUDHEER. C --- 9745484578

32 (Jr .Urdu) K. SIVADASAN --- 2348674

33 (CLERK) USHADEVI. P --- 2345524

34 (PEON) SEBASTIAN RAPHEL--- 9288124538

35 (PEON) REMADEVI. P.V --- 9249399590

36 (FTM) SREEDEVI. T.R --- 9495046686

37 (FTM) SUMESHKUMAR. K.S --- 9495462369