School Name:ST.ANTONY'S H.S PUTHENPEEDIKA Address:P.O.ANTHIKAD PIN-680642. Phone No:2273233

School Status:
Staff Name Designation Phone No
Jos.T.J HM 2387792
Roslind.C.J HSA 2637566
Flory.T.C. HSA 2272424
Bindu Peter.K HSA 2369024
Vilasini.P HSA 2311108
Pushpam.N.P HSA 2630950
Shirly Gabriel Thattil HSA 2271393
Leena.A.O HSA 2363112
Mary Janni Joseph HSA 2384786
Femi George HSA 2632902
Indiradevi.K HSA-Mal 2639220
Tony Thomas.A HSA-Mal 9846643669
Mary.M.C HSA-Hindi 2271332
Justin.P.G HSA-Skt-P.T 9847231433
Gill.K.L Phy-Edn 2271393
Veronica.C.P Drg 9846142740
Thomas.M.V Clerk 2279144
Jose.A.V Peon 2274032
Joseph.C.J Peon 9745738169
James.C.L FTM 2634003
O.K.Celine UPSA 2634143
Geetha.B.S UPSA 2631616
Mary.K.L UPSA 2272199
Moly Davis UPSA 2631652
Kochurani.P.P UPSA 2273185
Baby.T.J UPSA 2276937
Gracy.K.A Gr-Hindi 2271350

The first SSLC batch secured 84% result and won the first place under the Highschools in Corporate Educational Agency.Besides that the school won the first place in the Academic years 1979-80,1981-82,1982-83 under Corporate Educational Agency.In the year 1995 all SC students appeared for SSLC had passed and the school was awarded trophy along with cash award of Rs.12000/- by Scheduled Caste Development Corporation. In 1999 Sebi K.J of IX th standard was awarded first in clay modeling in the statelevel competition. A well established computerlab was inaugurated in the year 2001-02 while Smt.P.V.Josephine was the HM, with 8 computers which is now increased to 14 in number. In the year 2002 M.R.Rovin won 3 rd Rank under the schools of Corporate Educational Agency by securing 570/600 for SSLC. In the year 2005 we started English medium in Std V for 1 division. We have a highly efficient and well equipped Band set in our school , Scout movement and Guide are running very well in school. Our school scored the maximum result of 97.3% for SSLC in the Academic year 2007-08.

The school was given its birth as a UP school by the whole hearted and sincere efforts of our Manager Rev.Fr.Jhon Chirayath in the year 1948,which was named after ST.Antony.The first HM was Sri Kavunni Karthavu. Rev.Mon.Ignatious Challissery was one of the student in first batch. The school was established as a high school in the year 1976-77 as the branch school of Tharakan's Aranattukara and was brought up as an independent institution by the sincere effort of Rev.Fr.Joseph Maliakkal the Manager of our school. The high school was inaugurated by Sri.K.Karunakaran the Home Minister and was blessed by Late Bishop Joseph Kundukulam.First HM was Mr.V.A Jos.