Mould the students inculcating good virtues of love,truth,justice,sympathy and empathy towards poor and the marginalized people by absorbing the quintessence of unique and merciful love of JESUS CHRIST.

Make the students catalysts in transforming the society as a whole by upholding human dignity, righteousness and nobility .

                                   Mukkattukkara, a thickly populated land strip lies on the eastern margin of Thrissur Town and Vadakkunathan Temple.To foster and promote the trading and commercial activities of Thrissur,Christians were invited to inhabit in the vicinity of Thrissur town. Thus along with Aranattukara and Ollur,Mukkattukara also became one of the important inhabited locations of Thrissur ,from the 18th Century onwards . The peasantry village was very famous for the healthy and exemplary mixing and mingling of people of different belief and customs .Hindus,Christians and Muslims were one in their thoughts and deeds .
In the year 1784,St.George R.C Church was constructed and consecrated. St.George L.P School was established in the year 1890 .The year 1938 saw the birth of St.George'sU.Pschool. Bethlehem Convent was commenced its functioning in the year 1940.

There were only 68 students,when Bethlehem G.H.S.was started its operation on 15th June 1979. Now this temple of education, the proud landmark of Mukkattukara has grown to the level of 427 students and 23 staff members.In the history of the past 29 years of this esteemed educational institution, 95% to 100% success rate is seen in almost all years at the state level public examination. B.G.H.S keeps its head up rendering invaluable services to the not so facilitated student community of Mukkattukara, Nellankara, Mannuthy, Nettissery, Vellanikara, Madakathra & Ollukara.