Our school is located in Anjur village, kaiparambu Panjayath on the Thrissur Guruvayoor rout. It is only 10kmts away from Thrissur , Kerala's cultural capital city . The primary section of this was founded by Mundur Mekattukulangara family members in year 1902.

Many students of this school were forced to stop their education up to seventh standard due to the lack of high school. Some persons came to know that the progress of the country is through education and their broad-minded outlook made this school to try to play an important role in the progress of the country.

Later in 1958 it has been transformed to High School as a result of constant struggle of these members. After five decades this school lead to play a major role in the history of education. This was the only school for higher education at that time Transportation facility of our school is very convenient to reach from ever part of the locality.


In 1974 the school started teaching Sanskrit, Urdu and Arabic languages. The teachers of this school are very supportive and their great effort has made many of this students to win prizes from the field of sports and arts. It would be proud to state that many people who are now at superior positions were the former students of this school. And has made them to reach superior positions like teacher, doctors, engineers, social workers, political leaders, scientists etc…YUSAFALI KECHERI (play back writer), Mr.Anilkumar (Scientist), Professor.P.John (st.Thomas college) are a few persons reached at superior positions.


Sri M.T Joseph master was the first head master of this school who made an great effort to the development of this school. Later Sri K. Madhavan Bhattathiripad , Sri T.K. Anthappan Master , Sri A.D. Jose Master , Sri M.J. Thomas Master , Smt Mary Joseph , Smt A.V Arya, Sri M.Francis George. Smt A.K.Lissy, Sri K.R Peethambaran, Smt A.M. Prema are the head masters who worked hard for the achievement of our School.


There are nearly fifteen divisions including the Up and High school sections with more than thirty teachers and five hundred students. Teachers of this school are honestly working hard to spread the light of education from generation to generation. The majority of the students and teachers are natives and this has made the teachers easy to understand the psychological and family background of the students.

This school has a far better library, visual and hearing instruments, computer lab, science lab, a big play ground are some of specialities of this school. The Panchayat is also trying to nourish the school. We believe that the teachers and the parents together will work for further development of school , the present Head Mistress Smt. Jayalatha K.Ignatius , PTA members and teachers are struggling hard to achievement.


Our school functions as a stepping for the child to live in a democratic society and also we provide suitable education that is creative, productive, flexible need based and relevant to life.

In the year 1997-1998 our school's result for the SSLC

Examination was up to19%. But due to the continuous effort of the

TEACHERS and STUDENTS and PTA our result is now up to 86%.

Now we are proud to say that we have achieved a lot in the academic

Year, all-round development of the students in all sense.


Co-curricular achievements


For the all-round development of each and every student of this school the students are trained in co-curricular activities.


During the academic year 2001-2008 our school achieved a lot in the co-curricular activities.


Some of them are :-


In the academic year 2001-02 the students named Sinju P.R and Anoop V.B get the first Prize in science fair for making still model, and in the same year our school achieved first prize in pencil drawing in the district level, Shahul C.C, Participate kabadi team and got the second place in state level, Dibin P.V got the third place in cricket.


In screen printing Jefy C.J got the first prize in district level and participate in state level conducted at Thiruvalla. In the year 2002-03 Aneesh N.S Played in state school game festival and got third place .In the same academic year Anitha P.C got in the first prize in Essay competition about “Leprosssy and Eradication” in district level.


In 2004-05 school youth festival our student Sreebin P.S got “Kala Prathiba Pattam” in sub district level. First prize in revenue district youth festival and ‘A' grade in state level.


Sougand V.J achieved first prize in Paper And Crafting in the district level work experience Competition and participated in state level conducted at Muvattupuzha .

Co-curricular activities: -

One cannot think of a school without co-curricular activities. Assembly, Games, competitions, programs exhibitions and other activities bring students together, unite them, develop in them the “We”-feeling and help them to make their own contribution for the betterment of the school!

•  Literary Activities.

•  Physical development Activities.

•  Aesthetic and cultural developments.

•  Civic Development Activities.

•  Social Welfare Activities.

•  Leisure time Activities.

•  Excursion Activities.

Club activities: -


The students based on their aptitude are categorized in to 12 clubs. Each club conducts various programs to improve the talents of the student's community.

Literary And Cultural Association: -

Each class holds once in a month literary association on Fridays in their respective classes under the super vision of the class teacher.

House system:-

All curricular and co-curricular activities of the school are

planned house wise. It gives opportunities for participation to all pupils.

Exhibitions: -

To instill the curiosity and scientific temper among the students and to give impetus in the pursuit of knowledge the following exhibitions are conducted in the school.

•  Science Fair.

•  Social Exhibition.

•  Maths.

•  Work Experience.

•  Sports.

•  Literary Works.

Educational Tours And Study Trips: -

Every year the school conducts various field trips and tours suiting educational requirements of various categories of pupils during the second term.

Remedial Teaching: -

Remedial Teaching is provided to the students who are in need on special academic support; students with academically poor performance are grouped under various subjects teachers.

Awards And Endowments: -

The retired teachers in our school and leading business establishments awarded endowments those who scored higher marks in SSLC and in various subjects.


Sl No. Name of the Staff Telephone No.
1 Jayalatha K.Ignatius 95488 5275768
2 Nirmala Devi M 0487 2389255
3 Sheena Davies 0487 2429235
4 Bindu C.J 0487 2216097
5 Anu T.J 94885 286901
6 Beena Rani E.S 0487 2364424
7 Gini M.T 0487 2695487
8 Binu T. Panakkal 95488 5221422
9 Jolly K.M 9846886004
10 Kochumary C.P 04885 235634
11 Jincy P.V 0487 2215767
12 Jayasree E 95488 5265600
13 Bijy C.J 954885 243085
14 Mary A.S 0487 2306118
15 Vincent De Paul 0487 2357659
16 Chandrangadan A.N 0487 2202657
17 Julie Lilly . K 0488 226520
18 Hena K.V 0487 2212226
19 Reena A.K 0487 2642082
20 Tessy Lawrence C 0487 2216614
21 Soney Dev K 0487 2551303
22 Bini M.S 95488 5285566
23 Geetha T.R 0487 2308525
24 Girija K.N 0487 2352592
25 Bindu K.E 95488 5221054
26 Jose Baby M 0487 2216506
27 Johnson M.P 0487 2213260
28 Saji Antony A 95488 5225203
29 Roy A.P 95488 5286279
Staff List



School Code :22078

Educational District: Thrissur

Sub District : Thrissur-WestSchool

Phone No: 2213863

Panchayath: Kaiparambu

Parliament: Vadakkanchery

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