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Repute of the school:

The school which we call now PJMSGHSS KANDASSANKADAVU  was founded in the year 1906 by some total eminent persons. This was the first school of Manalur Grama Panchayat and second in the Thrissur thaluk. The school caught the attention of the people when it came to be known as Prof.Joseph Mundassery Smaraka Govt. Higher Secondary School named after the late Sri. Joseph Mundassery, the first education Minister of Kerala State.


    This school is situated by the side of the Thrissur---Vatanappilly State high way, near the famous kandassankadavu church and the market. It is the middle place between Kanjani and Vatanappilly centre.


Previous History:

       When it was founded in the 1906 its  name was St.Joseph primary Schooland it was a Lower Primary School afterwards it was upgraded as a U P School afterwards it was U P graded as  a U P,subsequently in 1919 it was made a  High School and came under Govt. administration.

Local History:

        The place where the school is situated, lies 16 km. west to Thrissur town and is at the centre of a market along the Cannoly Canal.A good commercial movement of Crops and goods along the Cannoly anal between this place and Kozhikode and Cochin  existed  on  those days.The people of this locality subsisted on the earning procured from the sale of fish, coconuts.

Famous old students of this school:

         Many imminent remarkable personalities who made outstanding contributions the Kerala State and nation like Joseph Mundassery,Justice K K Khader,Puthezhath Raman Menon,T A Varghese.(ICS),Ramu Kariat, Sankaradi and V M Sudheeran studied in this school.

Assets of the school:

       A well equipped Science ,Computer Laboratories, a good Library, a spacious auditorium,play ground, Basket ball court, well furnished conferance hall etc. are the assets of this school.


        This  school is too ranked in  current S S L C Exam , with 98% victory. It is to 100% win,with the help of imminent teachers,students and P T A.