ERAVU,P.O ARIMPUR-680620

 Principal: Simon.T.J
 Manager:Fr.Joy kollannur



St.Joseph'sEducational ComplexEnglish Medium School,Eravu was opened as a nursery school in the year 1978.Rev.Fr.Immanuel Rathapilly,the then vicar of St,Theresa's Ship Church is the founder of this Educational Institution.It has completed 29 years of existence and celebrated its silver Jubilee.Today it stands as a beauty spot on the cheeks of this holy shrine.

During these days a desire rose among the parishioners for English.Therefore a Lower Primary English Medium School was opened in 1979 and it was recognised by Govt of kerala on 28.3.1989.The very next year the School development committee decided to upgrade it in to upper primary school and it got recognition on 16.3.1990.Then the need of a high school was keenly felt.Again it was raised to high school and viii and ixth standards got sanction on 16.3.1996 and 11.4.1997respectively.The recognition of the Xth standard was on 25.10.1997.

The first S.S.L.C. batch was presented for the examination in March 1998 and won 100% result.We are proud to say that we have produced splendid results securing 100% success for the last years.Besides we are blessed with 15th and 8th Ranks in the previous years.It is highly gratifying to state that the school development committee and trustees render a very good service to the promotion of this school.

One of the main objectives of this institution is to impart value based education to the children who are to be the future architects of our motherland.Our medium of instruction is strictly English.St.Joseph's E.M.H.S.S.has always been a nurturing ground for blooming talents.It provides ample opportunitiesfor the blossoming hidden talents.We have a very covetable tradition in the field of arts and sports.Asregards discipline,coaching and result the school keeps a very high standard.

We have a dedicated team of teachers and non-teaching staff who function with a sence of commitment and sincerity.We have a strength of 63 staff members.There are more than one thousand and six hundred students who find shelter under the roof of this temple of learning.Our teachers are efficient,sincere and hardworking.Due to excellent discipline,good coaching and consistent attractive results pupils from distant areas take interest to rush to this school to swell its strength.To meet the needs of the day a new school building has been constructed.It was inaugurated by His Grace Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy,Archbishop of Thrissur on 1.6.1997. In 2002,the institution was upgraded in to a Higher Secondary School with one Science (Biology) Science(Computer) Science (Biology)additional batch and one Commerce (computer)batch were sanctioned in the year 2003,2004 and 2005 respectively.

The new Plus Two building was inaugurated by Sri.K.Sankaranarayanan Hon.Minister for Finance on 9.1.2004.Now it is a fully and permanently recognised school.We haceefficient and experienced staff in Higher Secondary also.Now it stands holding aloft the torchof learning enlightening Eravu and neighbourhood.


The primary aim of St.Joseph's English Medium Higher Secondary School is to impact sound formation - spiritual,moral,social,mental and physical to all students of this institution, with a special religious stress on the principles of Christian faith as far as Christian students are concerned.


This Catholic School,established by the Theresa's Parish Eravu of Archdiocess of thrissur is meant for all,irrespective of religion,caste or community.The school accommodates students from L.K.G to Plus Two.

Fr.Immanuel Rathapilly
Fr.Bernard Thattil
Fr.John Moolan
Fr.Simon Thermadom
Fr.George Chelapadan
Fr.John Ayyankana
Fr.Thomas Kakkassery
Fr.Noby Ambooken
Fr.Paul Thekkanath
Fr.Dr.James Aloor

1998 March 100%
1999 March 100%
2000 March 100%
2001 March 100%
2002 March 100%
2003 March 100%
2004 March 100%
2005 March 97%
2006 March 100%
2007 March 100%
2008 March 100%

Plus Two Result
2004 March 96%
2005 March 88%
2006 March 80%
2007 March 65%
2008 March 90%
Rank Holders
2001 Arun P.Narendran- 15th Rank
2002 Amrutha.H - 8th Rank
2004 Prajith.T.P - 15 Rank